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The first thing every traveller should do is to make a travel plan and leave it with someone who can react.ICE-SAR offers you to send the information needed to start search or rescue, in case something happens while you're on… ... Meira


Limited accommodation is offered in the FI huts and on the campsites located at the huts. Next accommodation might be hours drive away so be prepared. To check availability in the FI huts please contact the FI head office via… ... Meira


The FI hut in Landmannalaugar is great destination during the late winter/early spring and the wardens will welcome you. The area is now a winter wonderland. Please notice that you can not use a standard rent-a-car to reach L… ... Meira


Fjallabak Nature Reserve is excerpted and translated from an Icelandic Touring Association yearbook on the reserve. The Association has published quality books annually on Iceland’s nature and culture for the last 84 years.TH… ... Meira

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