Fjallabak Nature Reserve

Feb 20, 2016

Fjallabak Nature Reserve is excerpted and translated from an Icelandic Touring Association yearbook on the reserve. The Association has published quality books annually on Iceland’s nature and culture for the last 84 years.


  • Detailed maps of the Fjallabak Nature Reserve

  • A chapter on geology, vegetation and wildlife

  • Summary of the Fjallabak Nature Reserve

  • Descriptions of 12 hiking routes

  • 140 photographs from within the reserve

The Fjallabak Nature Reserve is one of Iceland’s most beautiful areas, while the nature and expanses of the Torfajökull area are one of the greatest treasures in the highlands. The landforms, landscape and hot spring activity are unusually diverse, colourful and spectacular. The area is mostly undisturbed and the protection order has meant that utilisation of the land has been sensible and the conduct of it fairly good.

The Fjallabak Nature Reserve derives its magnificence and diverse nature from Iceland’s active volcanic zone. Out of that spectacular and unstable base emerges a captivating beauty that lures people to it. Landmannalaugar, one of the gems of the reserve, possesses precious nature. All of the most impressive features of the nature reserve exist there: stupendous ravines, steep rhyolite screes, rocky slopes, mountains with views, boiling hot springs, hot pools, cold and clear springs, contiguous vegetation, light-coloured alluvial plains and miscellaneous hydrological conditions.

The book can be bought at the ITA office in Reykjavik, in ITA huts in Fjallabak and in bookshops in Iceland.