Hut rules

Stay in our huts - follow the rules

The aim of the hut rules is to ensure a comfortable stay for hikers and other travelers. Cleanliness, tidiness and being considerate to fellow travelers is very important.

  • If the warden is available, please confer with him/her regarding available sleeping place and hut rules
  • Quiet hours are from 24:00 - 07:00
  • Please leave your hiking boots in entrance hall
  • Smoking inside the huts is strictly forbidden at all times
  • Please leave the cooking area clean and tidy
  • Add water into the pot on the stove
  • When leaving, please make sure the hut is clean and tidy
  • Please make payment for accommodation and facilities
  • Please help us keeping the environment clean by not leaving your trash behind
  • Remember clean environment - beautiful nature!

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