Prices and bookings

Booking & prices

It is necessary to book accommodation in the huts in advance and to pay. Otherwise the place is not guaranteed.
The office of ITA in Mörkin 6, 108 Reykjavík gives more information and receives bookings.


When booking is made please hand out your credit card for the payment and confirmation. If booking is canceled is refund as follows:
14 days or more before arrival 80% af the amount
7-14 days before arrival 50% of the amount
One week or less - no refund

Gist í skála

Pricelist 2017

Hut Price pr. pers. pr night
Álftavatn 8.000 kr.
Baldvinsskáli 6.500 kr.
Emstrur 8.000 kr.
Hagavatn 5.500 kr.
Hlöðuvellir 6.000 kr.
Hrafntinnusker 8.000 kr.
Hvanngil 8.000 kr.
Hvítárnes 6.000 kr.
Landmannalaugar 8.000 kr.
Norðurfjörður 7.000 kr.
Nýidalur 8.000 kr.
Þjófadalir 5.500 kr.
Þórsmörk - Langidalur 8.000 kr.
Þverbrekknamúli 6.000 kr.
Hornbjargsviti 8.000 kr.
Admission fee* 500 kr.
Shower** 500 kr.
Camping 2.000 kr.

*Those using FÍ’s facilities, such as toilet or outdoor grill, but not staying overnight are charged a facility fee.

**The shower fee is not included in the facility fee or the price for overnight staying.