Popular hiking trails

Iceland offers variety of shorter and longer walking trails. On this page you can read about some of the popular ones.

Always remember to bring adequate clothing and provisions. For further safety information please visit


The hike starts in "Herðubreiðarlindir", an oasis close to the mountain "Herðubreið" accessible via mountain road (F 88 ). The trail ends at the farm "Svarárkot" in the "Bárðardalur" valley. ... Meira


From the hut "Þorsteinsskáli" we follow a marked trail over lava field westwards to "Herðubreið" mountain and onwards to the hut in "Bræðrafell" ... Meira


We follow the markers now southbound over some very rough lava fields. Then we turn eastwards to escape the lava from the eruption in 1961 and then follow the road (F 910) ... Meira


We will then start off from the parking area northwest towards the beginning of the marked trail. From there we follow the markers to the hut in "Dyngjufjalladalur" .​ ... Meira


Downhill all the way, estimated time 6-8 hrs. The trail follows a 4x4 trail north from the valley "Dyngjufjalladalur" ... Meira


The trail is an old path heading north - northwest. Then along the "Suðurá" river until it turns away from the river towards the "Svartárvatn" lake and there it ends at the farm "Svartárkot".​ ... Meira


The trail takes us from the old school center "Skógar" between the glaciers "Eyjafjallajökull" and "Mýrdalsjökull" over to "Þórsmörk". This is probably the most popular hiking trail in Iceland ... Meira


When we leave "Hveravellir" we walk southwest until we come to the valleys "Sóleyjardalir". From there on due south to the ridge "Þröskuldur" which is east of the valleys "Þjófadalir". ... Meira


Now we head southwest and leave the valleys. Walking along the southern edge of the "Kjalhraun" lava field with the river "Fúlakvísl" on our right, running in a tight ravine it has made in the lava. ... Meira


From the hut we head east across the river "Fúlakvísl" on the footbridge and then follow the river southbound to the tuff hills "Hrefnubúðir". The hills are mostly eroded but on the southern side are some patches with rich vegetation among other birch trees growing at approximately 400 - 500 meters above sea level ... Meira


Before the age cars when everyone traveled by horse the route between north and south was further to the west, closer to the glacier "Langjökull" because of richer vegetation. This is where the hiking trail is today. ... Meira


From the hut in Landmannalaugar the trail goes through a rough lavafield "Laugahraun". From there on up the slopes of "Brennisteinsalda" and to the plateau. ... Meira


The first part of the trail takes us through a valley with some small ravines but be careful as they may be filled with snow. If the visibility is good a walk up to the top of mountain "Háskerðingur" (1281 m) will reward your with a breathtaking view. ... Meira


The trail takes us over the ridge "Brattháls" into "Hvanngil" ravine, wading across the river "Bratthálskvísl". In "Hvanngil" are two huts, one built for sheepherders in 1963 and one for tourists, built in 1995. A short walk from the huts is the river "Kaldaklofskvísl" with a bridge for hikers. ... Meira


First we have to go around the canyon of "Syðri - Emstruá" and there is a very steep path down to the bridge so be careful. Then a walk through the area known as "Almenningar" with crossing of among other rivers "Þröngá". ... Meira


This popular trail is done in 3 - 7 days. It crosses magnificent landscape, glacier, valleys and rivers. ... Meira


A walk to the top of Mt. "Snæfell" will offer you great view of the eastern part of Iceland. ... Meira


The trail takes us across the "Eyjabakkajökull" glacier and then along to the hut in "Geldingafell" Many groups choose to stay two nights in this hut and use the extra day to do some hiking in the area.​ ... Meira


Distance 15 km, elevation decrease 300 m, estimated walking time 7 - 9 hrs. A worthwhile detour is to the waterfall in "Jökulsá í Lóni". ... Meira


This day is used for hiking without rucksacks in the vicinity of the hut especially the "Víðidalur" valley . It is now deserted but was last inhabited around 1900. ... Meira


The trail takes us to "Tröllakrókar", palagonite cliff formations made by wind and water erosion that cannot be described in words or pictures. ... Meira


Distance 2 km, elevation increase 200 m , estimated walking time 45 minutes. The area around the hut "Múlaskáli" offers various possibilities of shorter walks accommodating everyone's needs. Usually a pickup is arranged at the ridge ... Meira